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Hatch 1 (Forest), Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, 4 x 12 in., 2015

Hatch 1 (Forest), Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, 4 x 12 in., 2015

Life began on earth 4.5 billion years ago under water. Now hatching occurs in all environments. Our desire to live and leave a legacy is strong—The Hatch Series.

Working in series to best explore a concept/an issue across time and space, rounded forms, a sense of life, spontaneity, and vulnerability characterize my work. To realize this and other visions, I draw not only from 2D, but use 3D imagery to cross cultures and traditions. Earth tones scream life on land, stability, continuity, a future. A sudden splash of color leads to questions regarding the exotic beauty of our world. My goal is to invoke a gut response from the viewer–both fear and wonder—about what our future will be in this rapidly changing world. Will there be an evolutionary adaptation to global warming or just a frozen relic of our vitality?

A background in archeology has shaped my perception and visual analysis; work in the political arena has encouraged me to bring the obligation of being human into the art conversation.

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